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French composers The Ware make their return on Orianna this month with a new single - “Destello”! Fresh off of their collaborative release “Tu Perdon” with Sparrow & Barbossa and G.Zamora on Orianna Music, “Destello” showcases the duo’s exploration of diverse traditional and cultural influences in electronic music. A nostalgic sonic adventure, the track teases warm electronic beats, sultry guitar hooks, and beams of sparkling trumpet horns. The Ware expertly layer and strip back the production, finding beauty in both quiet and loud moments, and playfully cascade the sounds like the warm and hazy memory of a shimmering and bittersweet love affair.

The Ware are French composers Neus (Bastia, FR) and Emperia (Aix-en-provence, FR). Influenced by jazz and techno, they quickly encountered success in the electro-pop scene with their debut single "So Much”, released on 96 musique, followed by global hit “Nana Song”.

Dive into "Destello" NOW

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