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Tu Perdón

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Sparrow & Barbossa, The Ware, and G.Zamora

Sparrow & Barbossa, The Ware, and G.Zamora explore the rich sounds and rhythms of Cuban music in their new single

“Tu Perdon”, mixing Afro-Cuban jazz with space age electronica. Sparrow & Barbossa, self-professed pirates of dance music, showcase a new production maturity with

“Tu Perdon” - their most pop-oriented track ever.

Cuban piano, conga drums,

and shakers transport us to the romance of Havana at dusk, with G.Zamora’s Salsero vocals singing “Y…si la cosa se viene intentando / A ver si puedo repararlo / Para tener tu perdón” and “Y me enamoré sin pensarlo / La razón se fue de mi / Intentando resistir / A tus encantos sobre mí.”

​​Sparrow & Barbossa is DJ and producer duo Bryan Coletta (Swiss) and Emiliano Haberli (Uruguay). Based in Madrid, Spain, they bring together their love of piano, percussion, and African tribal rhythms, creating a fusion between organic and electronic progressive sounds. Their productions and remixes have been featured on labels like MoBlack, Stereo Productions, and Wired. In 2021, they released their highly anticipated album Seven Seas (Redolent Music), showcasing ethnic roots, Afro and Latin house, and world music through electronica. Featuring collaborations with international guest artists like Afro house producer Floyd Lavine, Afro vocalist Cee ElAssaad, and house music DJ and producer DJ Chus, the long player earned a spot in Traxsource’s Top Albums of 2021.

Dive into "Tu Perdon" now:

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