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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

By Pietro Nicosia

Italian electronic composer, producer, guitarist, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist Pietro Nicosia releases his new single “América” - an intriguing fusion of Latin and electronic sounds. By leaning into his jazz background and love of classic guitar to set the dreamy mood of the track, Nicosia layers and textures the guitar in a way that's organic and improvisational, making his music come alive with shimmering accordion effects and piano keys that sparkle and dance. Romantic and nostalgic, “América” is his musical vision of a blissful time and place where humanity shares the sweetness of life together again. “This song represents a mixture of my feelings from this period we are passing through and a little nostalgia for the ‘90s when I was a child,” he says. “It also delivers a message of hope for people to come together and share true life.”

“América” is Nicosia’s first solo release on Orianna Music, following his collaboration with Zouratiè Konè on “Sogni”, a track which explores the instrumental contrasts and cultural traditions of Italy and Burkina Faso.

Pietro Nicosia is an Italian music composer, guitarist, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ. Exploring the sounds of House music, jazz, funk, afrobeat, soul, and gospel, he’s produced music for leading labels like MoBlack, Union, and Ocha Records.

Listen to "America" HERE:

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