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'Oonagh' aligns with AtalaiA's lengthy background in Ibizan Cafe culture while remaining ready for the club. It features ethereal vocal textures and uplifting, evolving harmonies as AtalaiA shifts from piano to synth and back again, weaving a complex and inimitable sonic web in the process.

"'OONAGH' is named after my sister - a name that strongly reflects our Irish ancestry. It features piano playing from myself along with field recordings from Ibiza's coastline and Ealing, London underground station in the pouring rain. No stone has been left unturned in the mix and every detail has been closely scrutinized across many studio sessions, pre - master versions and consultations with the label. People have already been asking about 'Oonagh' during my resident DJ sets in Ibiza, London and Mykonos since summer 2022. I promise it will sound great in the club and on your headphones too as the final master now gets the seal of approval."

Dive into “Oonagh” here:

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