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The third release in the three-part compilation series, Connect, celebrates the grounding relationship between the human body and earth. Italian producer and DJ Michele Chiavarini returns with two cinematic sounding tracks under his Japa Music alias, the hypnotic chimes of “Missan” and lush piano breezes of “Brisa Quente”, while Costa Rican electronic composer and producer Jose Solano serenades the showy evergreen’s lavender hues on “Skyflower”.

Prolific Balearic producer Chris Coco collaborates with Pablo Colo on the sunset-inspired ambient textures of “Ibiza”. Colombian and Mexican multi-instrumentalist DJ and producer Sinego adds three releases to the Connect track listing under his Alterego alias, collaborating with Isabel Restrepo on the haunting nostalgia and eastern influences of “Ayer”, the groundedness and tranquility of “Amatista”, and the enchanting dance of “Lluvia de Plata”. Bogota duo Moügli shines on the ambient “Yarumo”, while Samuel Lizarralde tunes into his alias Böjo on the peaceful depths of “Underwater”.

The closing track on Connect is a gorgeous acoustic instrumental rework of “Layback” by Italian producer Leo Guardo and Cali Satellites. “Layback feels like summer, a gateway to escape reality,” says Guardo, adding, “Leave all your worries behind and let the music heal you.”

CONNECT Track List

1. “Missan” - Japa Music

2. “Skyflower” - Jose Solano

3. “Ibiza” (Sueltalo) - Chris Coco Featuring Pablo Colo (Focus Track)

4. “Ayer” - Alterego and Isabel Restrepo

5. “Yarumo” - Moügli

6. “Amatista” - Alterego and Isabel Restrepo

7. “Underwater” - Böjo

8. “Brisa Quente” - Japa Music

9. “Lluvia de Plata” - Alterego and Isabel Restrepo

10. “Layback” - Leo Guardo & Cali Satellites Feat. Brontë Horder


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