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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Randomized Coffee

Italian production and DJ duo Randomized Coffee, Argentine singer songwriter Noel GC, and Spanish producer Owem-G! release their new collaboration “Cumbarrio” - an intoxicating blend of shuffling Cumbia rhythms and seductive vocals. The Roman production duo explores traditional analog sounds in a distinctly modern way, with Colombian Gaita, shakers, and a bouncing bassline.

“Cumbarrio” is Randomized Coffee and Noel GC's second collaboration on Orianna Music, their first single “Despierta”, celebrated their love of Latin rhythms and was featured on Spotify’s Global Groove playlist!

Randomized Coffee is a music project created by two Italian DJs, Massimiliano Troiani and Tommaso Checchi. Their passion for analogic sounds and a raw artisanal approach explores a new music territory. African tempos, Brazilian sound, jazzy grooves and Latin rhythms got mixed in a huge and emotional patchwork of tunes, and brought them to collaborate with many musicians and fellow DJ through the years, such as Novalima, Kiko Navarro, Kalifa Kone, Kadi Coulibaly, Tony Cercola, Christian Vinci, Carlos Francisco and N’Dinga Gaba.

Noel Gilda Cristante aka Noel GC is an Argentine singer, vocal coach and songwriter with music roots in multiple genres including jazz, soul, salsa, Latin folk, and popular music from Peru and Colombia. Based in Rome, Italy, she composes and sings in three languages - Spanish, English and Italian. She’s currently working on her first studio album.

Listen to "Cumbarrio" here:

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