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Hotmode - Fauna (feat. Black Mambo)


Life can be an uncertain rollercoaster: academic or work pressures, relationship strains, financial crises, pandemics. Music has the power to lift you up, and house music especially has elevating elements. There are times when we need to kick back, lay back, and let go. If you’re looking for a soulful blend on deep house, look no further.

Hotmode's 'Fauna' featuring Black Mambo on vocal duties opens with synth stabs and a bassline that immediately gets you moving. This is the type of tune that is deserved of a proper sound system on a dancefloor somewhere around the world. The song’s storyline generates interest of the earth’s elements, particularly the jungle. The child in the story has the option of hiding but rest assured, the Fauna is there to protect. Is the fauna animal or human? You decide.

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