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Following the label’s release of Unwind, which showcased chillout, relaxation, and guided meditation sounds inspired by the healing flow of water, Orianna now turns toward radiant energy.

The second release in the three-part compilation series, Recharge, delivers meditative sounds powered by the sun’s healing rays of light, and explores its influence in growth and renewal.

Italian producer Michele Chiavarini returns to the meditation series care of his Japa Music alias with the airy atmospherics and piano on opening track “Viveka”, as well as a spoken word collaboration with Poetic Vitamins on “Joy & Tranquility''. Colombian and Mexican multi-instrumentalist DJ and producer Sinego adds two releases to the Recharge track listing under his Alterego alias, collaborating with Isabel Restrepo on the quiet building urgency of “Pink Quartz” and the intense enlightenment of “Lapislazuli”.

Existo En Movimiento, a collaboration between Ibicenco producer Be.Lanuit and guided meditation instructor Alexandra Piñeiro, shares their extended guided meditation in Spanish on “En Conexión”, while EMT, an alias of Roman production duo Randomized Coffee, takes things downtempo in the dreamy “Ravintsara”.

Rounding out Recharge is Colombian Latin electronic alternative duo Black Mambo, who channel the sun breaking through the clouds with the distorted stuttering effects of “Sin Palabras”, Bogota duo Moügli with the slow galloping “Naidi”, and Samuel Lizarralde’s alias Böjo with the celestial sounding “Void”.


1. “Viveka” - Japa Music

2. “Pink Quartz” - Alterego and Isabel Restrepo

3. “En Conexión” - Existo En Movimiento

4. “Ravintsara” - EMT

5. “Joy & Tranquility” - Japa Music Feat. Poetic Vitamins

6. “Lapislazuli” - Alterego and Isabel Restrepo

7. “Sin Palabras” - Black Mambo

8. “Void” - Böjo

9. “Naidi” - Moügli


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