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Risa y Llanto


Multi-instrumentalist producer Biomigrant, known for weaving together lush electronic soundscapes featuring rhythms and field recordings collected throughout Latin America, released his new single, “Risa y Llanto” - a track that explores the human journey of grief and loss, balanced with joy and laughter.

On the inspiration behind the song, the Biomigrant shares, “If we try to deny a part of ourselves or our emotions, we fall out of balance. Moments of sadness make the colors pop in our moments of happiness, and memories of joy remind us we'll make it through times of pain."

“Risa y Llanto'' opens with a vocal sample of Juan Sojuel Borón (Guatemala), recorded during a 2016 interview the two friends did in Lago Atitlan as part of a personal project exploring cosmovisions from six territories across Latin America. The track features rhythmic elements of house, Afrobeats, and cumbia, and a melody of Colombian gaitas (traditional flutes from the Caribbean coast). Biomigrant adds, “The gentle waves heard in the intro (and seen on the cover art) are from the glacial Calafquén Lake, which is across the street from where I was living in Chile when I began composing the piece.”

Listen to “Risa y Llanto''

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