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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

by Jose Solano

Jose Solano, known for blissful laidback vibes on his previous Orianna releases, returns to the imprint with an intoxicating deep house groove. “Sonora” has a heady tempo that feels like a force of gravity, accelerating and decelerating – pulling you along for the musical ride. A male vocal features throughout the track, giving it a classic retro house feel. The mysterious lure and high register of the Indian shiva flute stands out in Solano’s production, transforming the instrument with a dance floor ready electronic twist.

The resulting sensation is the prolific producer’s third release for the label. Solano’s fans are encouraged to explore Orianna’s “Noche Beats” playlist on Spotify, where “Sonora” will be showcased alongside other top tunes that get you into the groove as the stars come out.

Jose Solano is a Costa Rican musician, composer, and producer known for deep house electronic textures and beats that create ambient and suspenseful sounds. He is the 2020 and 2021 winner of the prestigious ACAM Award for best electronic music composer and producer in Costa Rica. “Sonora” is Solano’s third release on Orianna, following “Tropical Suite” and “Firefly” in 2021.

Listen now:

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