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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Ibiza-based producer and DJ Davina Moss makes her Orianna Music debut with “Veneno”, sounding the party alarm that the magical white isle of Ibiza is back in action. A summer scorcher, the track celebrates the darker edges of the Mediterranean’s nightlife, pulsating with pounding hard kicks and razor sharp percussive claps. Fellow Ibiza local Luna Ramirez smashes the vocal with equal intensity on her epic chant, “Veneno, veneno / cantando bailando / mi amiga esta tocando / su música es veneno que llena todo mi cuerpo.”

Moss' love for Ibiza and her obsession with dancing fuels her approach in the studio, capturing the sizzling beats and dangerous grooves that make people move. With “Veneno”, the producer forcefully grabs hold of summer with a tune that’s an intense adrenaline release fit for the mightiest of dance floor sessions.

DAVINA MOSS Davina Moss is an Ibiza-based producer, remixer, and DJ who captures the island’s party spirit and diverse soundtrack with big basslines and a chunky sense of drum funk. She’s released music on esteemed labels like Hot Creations, Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour Records, and Saved Records. Davina’s DJ sets showcase her limitless energy and passion, rocking the dance floors internationally and at Ibiza’s legendary parties like DC10, Pacha, and Zoo Project.

Listen to "Veneno" HERE

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