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What is Orianna Music?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

As we continue to curate and develop the Orianna Music label into a lifestyle brand, we need pause and reflect on the first year of our label's existence and more importantly, remind ourselves of the Purpose and Mission of the Orianna.

At Orianna, we are focused on finding music that is intertwined in the roots of Latin culture and Electronic music; creating a home to talent from South America, the Caribbean, and the Iberian Peninsula. I am proud to say that we are very passionate about great electronic music with latin roots, embracing creativity, supporting creators and their journeys, and telling stories of the creative community over time. Like a fine wine, the process from start to finish takes time, harnessing that and allowing it to blossom.

Our Purpose is to be a part of the creators journey, amplify their story and empower them to achieve their goals. We approach strategies, releases, relationships with the duty of care that you'd find in a small, family-like structure label. We get to apply our independent label mindset within a global infrastructure of a major label, giving us the freedom to market and promote our music with a no-holds-barred approach.

We have the privilege and honor of working with music of high quality as well as talent from around the world, talent we believe in. Our MISSION is to build Community. A community of diverse, creative, and positive creators who are exploring Latin cultural sounds through electronic and alternative music.

Despite starting the Orianna label in the middle of a pandemic, we cannot forget where many great dance records are born - on the dancefloor. Therefore, it is important we shed light on producers such as Alejandro Molinari and Alexi Delano who are supplying the dancefloors and underground scene with quality music.

Colombian-born, Mexico-city based Sinego has an insane ability to manipulate electronic sound and reimagine the genre. Also from Colombia, producers like Black Mambo and their Blended Afro Colombian Beat Cocktail, and MOÜGLI with their hypnotic, lush, dreamy electronic music with colorful rhythms are showcasing the true spirit and the ancestral roots of Latin culture. GARCÍA Picasso a Spain-based artist who is riding the double-line of electronic and pop.

We're thrilled to see that Latin culture and sounds are inspiring producers who live around the world. Tel Aviv based The Angels and Australia-based Leo Guardo are tearing down borders and producing latin-tinged records.

As we continue on this journey of supporting Latin Electronic talent and building our label, our passion remains to create a Latin lifestyle label focused on delivering organic electronic and experimental music. We just want to create an ecosystem of talented creators, offer them support, advice, and mentorship. We also believe in the value of pooling together talent to uplift through the Orianna label. We are just getting started on this very special journey. Come join us, you're going to love it!

Stream and listen to Orianna releases here:

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